Thursday, 5 October 2017

October 2017 IPMS Ottawa Contest

These are some of the entries to the IPMS Ottawa, October 2017, monthly contest (ad hoc).  I am sorry I could not photograph all of them and apologize to any whose model I missed.

Royal Canadian Navy (ex-Nazi) HMCS U-190


RCAF Spitfire Mk5B with different wing on one side, in 1:48 scale


Greylord Forgeseer, with replaced head and new arms/hands.

Saturn V human-rated rocket, 1967-1976 from MPC in 1:200 scale, painted mainly with Krylon spray cans, with a capsule on top covered in bare metal foil.

Air Canada DC-8-71 (stretched with big fan engines) in 1:144 scale from Minicraft

Nazi staff car in 1:72 scale

PMZ-A-750 motorcycle in 1:35 scale

Moroccan Air Force OV-10A in 1:72 scale from Academy (with liquid gravity in the nose wheelwell)

Philippnes Air Force OV-10C in 1:72 scale from Academy

Lavochkin-5 FN in 1:48 scale from Zvezda, described by the builder as the kit that would not end.

US soldiers playing with a Goliath remote controlled tank bomb in 1:35 scale from Tamiya

WWII British paratrooper on a Welbike in 1:35 scale from Tristar

Star Trek scratchbuilt Augmented Personnel Module in 1:35 scale

Spriggan figure

Syrian Arab Navy missile patrol boats and Iranian gunboat firing missile, in 1:700 scale from DML

BA-20 armoured car captured by Nazis, converted for rail use, in 1:35 scale

various cars

various cars

various cars