Thursday, 3 August 2017

August 2017 IPMS Ottawa Contest

These are the entries to the IPMS Ottawa, August 2017, monthly contest (ad hoc theme).

Join us next month (06 September 2017) for the annual IPMS Farnborough contest — "Anything British". Bring out anything British built or used; civilian or military; new or old. Fill the tables!

First Place
HMCS Lloyd George, RCN minesweeper, circa 1945-1946, SCRATCHBUILT 1:72 scale.

Second Place
HMCS Iroquios, circa 1944.

HMCS Iroquois, ISUW 1:350 scale

Third Place

Scout Car vignette from the Great War, British Army, with added figures and equipment, 1:35 scale.

Other entries

Honda Magna 50 motorcycle, Tamiya 1:6 scale

2018 Mustang GT (very newly-released) Revell 1:24 scale

Limo with trailer, AMT 1:24 scale

Trans Canada Airlines Vickers Viscount, Glencoe 1:96 scale. Model by John Clearwater.

RCAF Viking IV seaplane, c. 1920s, Alleycat 1:72 scale

Finnish air force Ju-87B, Airfix 1:72 scale

7A152 in nazi markings, Aoshima 1:72 

Zeppelin Rammer, Brengun 1:72 scale

PAK 40, ESCI 1:72 scale.

Minion, scratchbuilt 1:minion scale

P-47 fighter in USA colours, Testors 1:48 scale

Tiger Elefant  in nazi markings, captured by Soviet Army, circa 1943, Italeri 1:35 scale

HMCS Ojibwa submarine, c. 1990, MT 1:700 scale

Vickers VI B tank, Vulcan 1:35 scale