Thursday, 5 April 2018

April 2018 IPMS Ottawa Contest

Wow, what a turn-out on a truly awful night. Despite the 90 km/hr winds and the blowing snow, it was a great showing of people and models. We had 17 competitors in the 'ad hoc' contest, with a wide range of subjects. Thank you all for coming out and bringing plastic!

judging in progress...


Nancy Steelpunch is only 35mm tall (Sale 75 kit SWS-005), and has been painted using the non-metallic metal painting technique. Wood flooring made of styrene hand painted with wood grain.


This is the Revell 1:8 scale (kit #6522) re- re- re-issue of the 1958 Red Knight kit, painted using the Vallejo metalizer "Burnt Iron" acrylic. If you look inside the helmet slit you can see a full face with a cheesey red moustache. This is an approximation of how jousting armour would have appeared in the late 1400s in central and western Europe. Model by John Clearwater


Academy 1:72 scale Royal Canadian Navy F2H3 "Banshee" from VF871 Sqdn with a lot of wonderful additions, and folded wings, built by Ian Moore.


Italeri 1:35 scale Autoblinda AB43 of the Italian national police in the 1950s, said by the builder as being used to suppress democratic movements.

Scratch-built 1:48 scale US Mk-17 thermonuclear ultra-heavy gravity bomb carried by the B-36 ultra-heavy bomber. This was the first "deliverable" thermonuclear bomb in the US arsenal, with about 200 units built, but due to the unusual size and total lack of safety features the deployment lasted less than three years (1954-1957).

Warhead section of Mk17 bomb
Author with Mk17 bomb on Kirtland Air Force Base, USA

Academy 1:72 scale Nazi FW190D with a fantastic red bottom.

Airfix new tooling 1:72 scale Nazi Dornier DO 17z medium bomber from 1/KG 76 in France in 1940.

1:35 scale Biber (beaver) mini-submarine transporter trailer built in a weekend.

Bandai 1:72 scale TIE Fighter (Star Wars) sci-fi snap-tight kit (with extra glue) and a blue-black prismatic paint in the solar panels built during a weekend ACTSMS Blitz Build Weekend.

Revell 1:48 scale CF-18 in D-Day commemorative colours

Kinetic 1:48 scale CF-5A from 434 Bluenose Sqdn in the final wraparound colour scheme.

ICM 1:35 scale German Ford V3000 truck "Cdn Armoured Vehicle Fighting School" colours

Tamiya 1:35 scale M3 Stuart tank

Tamiya 1:35 scale Nazi Schwimmwagon

Mary Read (Scale75 kit SNG-001) and her parrot which is actually nailed (pinned) to her shoulder so it does not muscle up to those bars and voom---

1:25 scale cars from a new member in their first IPMS Ottawa competition. He is doing great work with a spray can!


RCN Banshee collection


Mike B. holds the Monogram 1:48 scale B-29 fuselage (upper) and the new gigantic 1:48 scale B-36 fuselage (lower) from HPH Models of Czechia. He will be mounting if vertically in a wall display case - a very large display case.

If you need one of the only 100 produced, then see their website:

3D printed motorcycle parts by Juan Lopez

3D printed motorcycle parts by Juan Lopez

The new Meng Kits cartoon tanks - sample built by Fearless Leader

Eye candy for the sci-fi space TV show fans

Work-in-progress, with a beautiful engine colouring.