Thursday, 2 November 2017

November 2017 IPMS Ottawa Contest

These are all of the entries to the IPMS Ottawa, November 2017, monthly contest (ad hoc theme).


Nazi Me-110E by Dragon in 1:48 scale


North American Aviation company X-15 experimental rocket aircraft. Three were built and used from 1959-1968, and hold the world record for fastest flight and highest altitude for a winged aircraft (7242 km/hr at 31 km height, 2 km per second). Most flights were done in the gun metal blued black scheme, but a few flights sported the white ablative material designed to burn off upon re-entering the atmosphere. This is the very old Monogram now Revell US kit in 1:64 (so-called box scale), and includes a pilot in the cockpit (barely visible in this photo). Model by John Clearwater.


Canadian army MAN heavy ammunition truck in West Germany, c. 1980, from Revell in 1:35.


Russian army ZU-23-2 anti-aircraft gun from Trumpeter in 1:35 scale from fearless leader with very very fresh paint.

Krylon Raider from Moebius in 1:72 scale

Nazi Zundapp KS-750 motorcycle by Dragon in 1:9 scale

M4 tractor from Hobby Boss in 1:72 scale

Nazi Marder IIIM tank hunter from Tamiya in 1:35 scale

"Rockcliffe Ice Wagon" RCAF C-54 by Revell in 1:72 scale

Skoda type 38 light tank by Italeri in 1:35 scale

3/4 tonne water tank trailer from Peerless in 1:35 scale

Dodge M-6 tank destroyer from Peerless in 1:35 scale

HMCS Beacon Hill from Iron Shipwright in 1:350 scale

HMCS Antigonish from Iron Shipwright in 1:350 scale

Chi-Town Racer from Revell in 1:25 scale

Camaro 2006 from Jayda Toys in 1:25 scale

Alfa Romea race car from Tamiya in 1:24 scale

International Scout from AMT in 1:25 scale

Eilish Garrity figure in 28mm scale (painting yellow is annoying says the artist)


3D printed 1:1 scale mortar bomb

3D printed 1:8 scale motorcycle fuel tank halves (before and after sanding)