Thursday, 3 October 2019

October 2019 IPMS Ottawa Contest

Wow, what a turnout! We had over forty members and new members, with a total of 35 models competing in this month's ad hoc contest. There is usually a surge right after CAPCON.

AVRO Canada Lancaster XPP (ten passenger plane). Airfix 1:72 scale

Molch (salamander) midget submarine at the Canadian War Museum, and recent winner of the Canadian War Museum theme award at CAPCON 2019. Built by Glenn Cauley.

Philip I, Landgrave of Hesse (1504 - 1567), nicknamed der Großmütige, was a champion of the Protestant Reformation and one of the most important of the early Protestant rulers in Germany. He also supported bigamy. Philip bloodily suppressed the German Peasants' War by defeating Thomas Müntzer at the Battle of Frankenhausen.  1:12 scale by IMAI.  Built by John Clearwater.


Airfix 1:72 scale HURRICANE done in colours from the movie "Captain of the Clouds".

RCAG 414 Sqdn MUSTANG I in D-Day recon colours. (Academy 1:72)

RCAF 418 Sqdn BOSTON III (Special Hobby 1:72)

Halberstadt D.II (Bkue Max Models 1:48)

Fokker Dr.1 Triplance flown by Fritz Kempf (Dragon 1:48)

Phonix D.1 (Blue Max Models 1:48)

Hanriot HD-2 (Eduard 1:48) in rare French aviation camouflage.

Sopwith Triplace "Black Maria" flown by Major Raymond Collishal. (Roden 1:32)

Hansa Brandenberg W-29 (Flashback 1:48) flown by 13 kills German naval ace Friedrich Christiansen

1911 Martin Handasyde flown by Graham Gilmour (Lindberg 1:48)

Revell 1:56 scale Nazi V-2 Vengeance rocket and launcher with trailer erector.

RB-79 Ball Ver.KA (Bandai 1:100) master grade kit of the ball, with panels removed or left off to show interior greeblies.

Heller 1:1400 cruiser DE GRASSE

Haro (Bandai) the little helper robot from Gundam, built in about 30 minutes.

Haro Ball (Bandai toon scale). "Various greeblies added under hatch using guitar strings and styrene".

MS-06S Zaku II (Bandai and Cup Noodle 1:380)

MS-14S Gelgoog (Bandai and Cup Noodle 1:380)

RG-79 Ball (Bandai 1:144) "meh".

"some robot thing" without name or scale or manufacturer. That is somewhat vague...

Electro-motive Style Injection Moulding Machine (Bandai 1:60) This is a model of a machine which makes plastic model sprues!

The Cyborg (Frozen Ninja 3D 1:10)

Police Bot (Modelcollect 1:72) with drilled out gun barrel and additional attachments.

Meng 1:48 scale (snap-tight) model of a USAAF P-51D Mustang with an astonishing good finish

German 30mm Flakviering 103/38 anti-aircraft gun with sign stating "no ammo, back soon". Original kit comes with grass base. (Das Werk 1:35 scale

US Army special forces Delta FAV (Hobby Boss 1:35), plus figures from Dragon.

This is a very wide 1:72 scale plastic model of the Voyager (N269VA) designed by Burt Rutan and flown around the world non-stop and unrefueled by Dick Rutan and Jeanna Yeager 14-23 December 1986. It took them nine days, three hours and 44 seconds to travel 42 432 km around the world at about 194 km/hr. In doing so it became the first aircraft ever to do the trip unrefueled, and it broke all previous flight endurance records. The FAI formally credits the flight at 40 212 km at an altitude averaging 3350 m.

This is a 1:87 (H/)) scale children's model kit from ARII of a Japanese D51 locomotive. I chose to do the model as a Japanese colonial locomotive in Korea, stuck in the DMZ when the Korean War began in 1950. Several locomotives were abandoned between the two Koreas when the DPRK invaded the south. Some were just left where they stopped; others were attacked by armies and air forces. This one shows how it might have looked in about 1966 after sitting untouched for 16 years in harsh weather.

Bananaman says "give me more gold medals!"

Bananaman says "give me more gold medals!"

This is the 1960 Heller 1:12 scale kit of the French hero Jeanne d'Arc (Joan of Arc) (kit #81199). Joan was born in France in 1412, and burned at the stake by the Catholic Church (Burgundian branch) when she was about 19 years old in 1431 - having been convicted of heresy for claiming she was spoken to by one angel and two saints who told her to fight the English (and for wearing men's clothing!).

This is the knight known as Sir Corey Van Zandt, the Chrome Knight of Texas. The original kit is the Amai Armoured Knight series 1:12 scale model of Kaiser Maximilian II (B-1395).

New bomb trailers from Belcher Bits models