Sunday, 4 October 2020

October 2020 IPMS Ottawa On-Line SHOW & TELL

Welcome to IPMS Ottawa's ongoing monthly SHOW & TELL, which allows club members to show off their completed work despite not being able to attend group meetings. Each member is invited to send in up to three photos of a model and some explanation.


Enjoy the show. 

P-38G Lightning (Tamiya 1:48)
My P-38G is detailed to look as it would have on the eve of Operation Vengeance. I finished it OOB except for some seatbelts and the antenna. Paints were Tamiya spray aluminium and AK chipping fluid for the chipping followed by Tamiya acrylics. Markings were sprayed on except for the stencils, and "Miss Virginia" markings (note, on the real plane the fonts were not identical on both sides!). I tried to fade the paint and markings on the plane but I kept the paint on the drop tanks relatively clean. This kit was an excellent build though my timidity with weathering stretched the build time considerably at the end. I have two articles for those who are interested. The significance of Miss Virginia at ( and my build of Tamiya's P-38 Lightning at  
Chris Wallace

Batman (Revell 1:8)
This is the very large re-issue of the BATMAN figure from Aurora in 1964. As a youth a built the 1974 version with the comic book/instruction booklet and full colour backdrop. Paint is a mix of Vallejo and Tamiya acrylics applied with the air gun. The underside of the cape is striped with gloss black paint, but other than that only the batarang and his eyes are black. The maple leaves are real maple leaves stamped out with a maple die from the dollar store. My wife curated the bat colouration so it was accurate. The belt was sanded off and replaced with a yellow-painted bit of duct tape. The tree branch had to be slightly melted in order for his foot to reach the proper spot on the base at just the correct angle. The decal took three applications of solv-a-set to sit as flush as possible, but I am still not completely happy with it. That said, the Batman model kit it was a blast from my childhood past, and I am following a "good enough" philosophy. The finished product is good enough to make me happy in these days of Covid-19 buildsJohn Clearwater

KV-85 (Ogonek 1:30)

This is the giant 1:30 scale model of the Kliment Voroshilov KV-85 tank from the Московский  Завод  Пластмассовых игрушек "Огонек"  Moscow Plastic Toy Factory "Spark" in the USSR, circa 1975. It was purchased from the John Gil memorial sale 22 August 2020. Although the kit is 45 years old, and a somewhat rough production from a Soviet toy factory, it is well designed and made. After 45 years the rubber tracks are still in perfect condition. The only annoying aspect was that the sole alignment pin (on the nose glacis plate) is off by about 1 mm, and had to be removed after an ill-timed gluing. The giant beast is just over a quarter metre long. I added a hand-made real wound steel tow cable, and fuel lines to the four external fuel tanks. I also replaced the machine gun barrels with better rod. One of the railings around the turret was broken and missing half, so a new one was built as were all the attachment points. A log and chains were added to the rear, as were fabric packs and a duffel roll. Overall this was a fun build in a rather large scale. There is so much room for you to do anything you want to customize it. I suspect tens of thousands of children had a blast with this model during the last 15 years of the USSR. For me this was a fun Covid-19 project. Paints are all Vallejo acrylics along with Vallejo powders and washes.  John Clearwater

Albatros D.I 
1:32 Roden Models Albatros D.I scratch-converted into the Albatros D.II flown by 40-victory German ace (and Richthofen's mentor), Oswald Boelcke.
So much time to build, not only because of Covid but I have recently retired from my career in the government.
Marc Racine

Airco DH-9 
1:48 Roden Models Airco DH-9 flown by 11-victory English ace John Stevenson Stubbs.
Marc Racine

Aviatik D.II U-Berg
1:48 Karaya resin Aviatik D.II U-Berg. Apparently, this was one of the fastest Austro-Hungarian fighters of WW1.  It was essentially a Berg D.I with a shorter cantilever bottom wing and very little rigging.
Marc Racine

Albatros W4 
1:48 Eduard Albatros W4 (late) seaplane.
Marc Racine

Hanriot HD-1 
1:48 Eduard Models Hanriot HD-1 flown by 21-victory Italian ace Flavio Baracchini.
Marc Racine

Fokker D.VII 
1:48 DML Models Fokker D.VII flown by German pilot Alfred Bäder.
Marc Racine

Lloyd C.V 
1:48 Special Hobby Lloyd C.V flown by 6-victory Austro-Hungarian ace Roman Schmidt.
Marc Racine

Hansa Brandenberg W.12.
1:48 Sierra scale vacuform Hansa Brandenberg W.12.
Marc Racine

Fokker Dr.1 
1:28 Revell Fokker Dr.1 done up as Fritz Kempf's distinctive and unforgettable crate. Used some spare decals I had in my collection.
Marc Racine

Crusader AA Tank  
This is one of the 3 AA variants of the Crusader tank, one mounted a 40mm Bofors and the other triple 20mm Oerlikons, this one had only 2!? Two of these are being offered by IBG in 72nd, this kit and soon to be released the 40mm Bofors on the Crusader. The triple gun version is/was available from Dan Taylor Modelworks as a one time photo etch conversion; it needs a fair bit of scratch building. This kit has OKB Grigorov outer wheels – better & crisper detail, and Master Model brass gun replacements, hand grabs replaced by wire, exhaust pipe (brass shim) added and kit decals.
These tanks were assigned to Armoured Units as protection from air attack BUT; with the lack of a Luftwaffe effort due to a lack of aircraft, and maybe too many Allied planes, many units were disbanded, others remained with the armour and were used a direct fire support vehicles! Can you imagine hiding in some bushes when all of a sudden a tank opens up on you with 20mm shells?!!?
This vehicle was part of the Polish Army 10th Armoured Cavalry Division and they were directly responsible for closing the Falaise Gap which resulted in some vicious battles!! After that they were attached to the Canadian 1st Army and went up the north west coast liberating towns and harbours needed by the Allies. The Poles liberated the Wilhelmshaven Fortress and accepted the Kriegsmarine Commander's surrender! The history of this unit and it's commander through out the Second War is a very interesting read, well worth the time!!
Graham Mansell

Me262A-1A (Airfix)
Messerschmitt Me262A-1A as flown by Theodor Weissenberger, JG7, Kallenkirchen, Germany, January 1945. Added some photo-etch seatbelts. Painted with Mission Models paint.
This is a pretty nice kit overall. The only real problem I had was with join between the engine nacelles and the wings. That required a fair amount of putty and sanding to get right. I was pretty happy once I was done, at least until I realized that the engines weren’t parallel(!). This was also my first attempt at mottling. I ended up having to buy a better airbrush to do it because my old airbrush wasn’t up to the task. I’m pretty happy with the end result, as long as I don’t look too closely at the engines.

Bf109 E3 
Messerschmitt Bf109 E3 as flown by Adolf Galland JG26 France, August 1940 (apparently before he shot anyone down since there aren’t any kill markings on the aircraft). This is a relatively simple kit compared to the latest offerings from Eduard, but sometimes simple is better. I added some Eduard photo-etch to cockpit to spice things up. Painted with Mission Models paints. The kit went together pretty easily. I had some difficulty getting the soft edge on the splinter camo. I used rolled up putty sausages to mask it, but those ended up leaving marks on the paint which I then had to be corrected by hand. Then some of the lines weren’t straight, so I had to fix those up as well. The decals went down okay with the exception of the crosses on the fuselage which for some reason were about 20% too large. They didn’t match the instructions or the box art so I not sure what to say. Overall I’m pretty pleased with the end result.


Sculpted bust (approx. 1:10)
This is a custom sculpted bust that I am working on, in approximately 1/10 scale. It is my first attempt at sculpting a figure mostly from scratch. The subject is a punk girl wearing a headscarf and leather jacket, loosely inspired by this picture I saw on the internet ( I haven't given her a name, but, with a subtle hat-tip to the makers of Wolfenstein II, my working title for this piece is "Make America Nazi-Free Again".  I got the face at Sword & Brush last year. One of the vendors was a manufacturer of resin busts who in addition to selling was also giving away miscasts and rejects. From their box of miscast resin, I picked up a bust of a nun that had a messed up body but decent face for use as a base for future sculpting projects. Everything else is sculpted overtop. The sculpting is all done with apoxie sculpt, in multiple layers, over wire and tin foil armatures. The bat was made with apoxie sculpt over brass tubes, and I used a drill as a makeshift lathe to sand it down. I've shelved and restarted this project a number of times; learning to sculpt my own figure mostly from scratch has been more challenging and occasionally frustrating than I had anticipated. My original goal was to finish it while it is still politically relevant, though sadly I have a feeling that it will not stop being relevant in November. Brian Latour

Sopwith Triplane (K.P. 1:72 of course!!!)
Recently released this kit is, IMHO, very nice!! There is some very good representation of ribbing and texture on the fuse and wings. So far the fit seems to be quite good, no locating pins so this is where the Tamiya Thin Fast Acting comes in very handy. The instructions have a rigging diagram for those brave (crazy) enough to try, as it is somewhat complex!?!
The Triplane was developed in '16, 19 that is, and was well liked by it's pilots, and even some of the enemy ones. Using a captured Triplane the Germans developed their own version! This kit has all Black Flight markings ( there are 3 other releases) so called for their black painted vertical stabs & cowlings, all of the pilots were Canadian and in 3 months they downed 87 enemy birds. It was also a Royal Navy Squadron!!?! The a/c in the air museum is a replica but if you don't use the civil registration from the kit, who's gonna know???? One notable Canadian pilot was Raymond Collishaw who flew 'Black Maria' and scored 30 victories with this a/c ending the war as the leading Triplane Ace.
Graham Mansell

Sopwith Triplane

Honda CBR1000RR-R Fireblade SP (Tamiya 1:12) 
With work being fairly busy right now, my work on models is sporadic at best. However, I am making great strides on Tamiya's latest masterpiece of 1/12 motorcycle kits: the Honda CBR1000RR-R Fireblade SP. This is a "no holds barred" track bike build with lots of scratchbuilding and detailing. There are waaaaaaaayyyyy too many new things to fully list here since the September online show & tell, but here are some: full exhaust system completed & installed (along with radiators); new foot controls patterned after Woodcraft rearsets; swingarm support stand bobbins & shark fin guard; detailed rear shock; front & rear wheels with heat-stained brake rotors. <<breathe>>  Fortunately there are lots of detailed pics on the Internet of this flagship bike, which I use to my advantage!  As I work, I add to my online photo album here:  
Glenn Cauley

the cockpit of my next project, a F4U-1D Corsair