Thursday, 5 September 2019

September 2019 ANYTHING BRITISH Contest at IPMS Ottawa

These are the entries to the annual IPMS Farnborough "Anything British" contest held by IPMS Ottawa every September. Members brought out a nice selection of things British built or used; new and old.
The Cody Tree IPMS Farnborough Trophy
This is the 1:35 scale Tamiya model of a Cromwell tank as used in WWII.
The tracks are individual links, and the stowage is all scratch built.
The Polish 1st Armoured Division 1 Dywizja Pancerna was equipped with the Cromwell in early 1944 when it was assigned to the First Canadian Army, and fought Nazi scum across Netherlands and into Germany and was notable in the Battle of Falaise.

Polish Cromwell tanks at the Battle of Falaise, August 1944.

Boudicca in 1:10 scale from FeR Miniatures. Boudicca was queen of the Iceni, a Celtic tribe, who rallied her peoples to form a great army to drive out the Romans. Loads of violence and burning, but in the end she was defeated in the year 61 CE. She is a major English folk hero.

A Tamiya 1:48 scale Bristol Beaufighter, built out-of-box, with Tamiya paint and Flory washes. 


This is the Special Hobby 1:32 kit of the Bristol M1c, done out of box except for the interior and rigging.

A Lotus 7, a real 1:1 scale kit car - you just put it together yourself and inserted an engine you got somewhere else (and avoided taxes). As seen in the classic thriller The Prisoner.

This is the old 1964 Airfix 1:87 (OO/HO) scale kit of the Battle of Britain class steam locomotive named "BIGGIN HILL" after an RAF airfield near London. Engine #34057 was built in March 1947 for British Rail (Southern Region) as a main line engine for both passenger and freight service. It served until 31 May 2967, and was cut up later that year.

Real Battle of Britain class locomotives.

This is the 1:200 scale model from Dragon (#2011) of the Avro VULCAN B.2 strategic bomber armed with the Avro Blue Steel missile and thermonuclear warhead. Avro delivered 136 Vulcan bombers to the UK's Royal Air Force for deployment between 1956 and 1984. This was part of the UK V- Force, or the Bomber Command Main Force

This is the Meng 1:35 scale kit of the Rolls Royce armoured car (Based on the Silver Ghost chassis), marked as RRAC Cleopatra 180 as used by Thomas E. Lawrence (of Arabia) who commanded a squadron of nine of these vehicles against Turkish forces. 

A braille-scale 1:72 S-Model of an RAF "Follow Me" Willys Jeep.

Marsh Models 1:43 scale Lola T-70

RAF Typhoon II