Thursday, 8 June 2017

June 2017 IPMS Ottawa Contest

These are all of the entries to the IPMS Ottawa, June 2017, monthly contest (ad hoc theme).

Join us next month (05 July 2017) for the annual CANADIAN CONTEST in celebration of both Canada Day and the 150th anniversary of confederation. Bring out anything Canadian built or used; civilian or military; new or old.

First Place
P-47 Thunderbolt attack aircraft in D-Day invasion colours. The kit was built 14 years ago in Stockholm. Basically OOB, but with additional seat belts.

Third Place
Nazi FW-190F8 aircraft in German colours

Second Place
Nazi ME-109G6 aircraft in Finnish air force colours

1:Egg scale MiG-15 Eggplane by Hasegawa, built by John Clearwater

1:87 scale (HO railroad scale) Austraian village railway station by Pola kits, built bu John Clearwater

Rat Bug

Ford Fairlane, built as pat of an anti-drunk driving display.

1:35 scale Italian ABM 41-42 reccon scout car vehicle with anti-tank gun.

1:72 scale Short Admiralty (Royal Navy)

1:72 scale resin kit of twin-seat SE5A (RAF)

1:35 scale Daimler scout car reccon vehicle


Very tiny winners at the recent AMPS contest in Oshawa! Congratulations.

McLaren Honda Formula 1 race car and helmet

early work on the battlewagon USS Arizona