Wednesday, 2 January 2019

January 2019 IPMS Ottawa Contest

These are all of the models entered in the 02 January 2019 IPMS Ottawa ad hoc model contest. We had 37 members at the meeting; 11 models in competition; and 4 models-in-progress on display.


This is the new 1:700 scale HMS Renown kit from Trumpeter.
Although commissioned in 1916, it was rebuilt twice before WWII, and finally scrapped in 1948.


This is the 1:35 scale SU-122 kit from Tamiya. The SU-122 was a 122mm M30S howitzer mounted on a T34 tank chassis. Designed by F. Petrov, some 1150 were built  in 1942-1944 for the fight against nazi scum. It was mostly used as an assault gun against heavily-fortified positions. It is shown in winter camo from the spring of 1944. Built by John Clearwater.


This is the Airfix 1:35 scale Do-17Z nazi bomber as used in the Battle of Britain (Luftschlacht um England). 1 Staffel 1 Gruppe, Kampfgeschwader 76 based at Beauvais-Tille northern France in September 1940.


T34-85 of the Egyptian Army

Bandai 1:144 scale Petit Bear Guy armoured suit

Atlantis 1:72 scale TR-31E and scratchbuilt alien.

Zveada 1:72 scale Ju-88A-5 (hand-painted).
Wekusta 1, Lichtenfelde, Germany. September 1940. Meteorological squadron.

1923 Ford model T delivery van

Morgan 4-4


Italian "Barchino" explosive motorboat

Biber (Beaver) mini-submarine. 324 were built for the nazis, but they seem to have sunk only one cargo vessel. Cats will eventually eat the torpedoes.

3D printed submarine conning tower

3D printed helmets


The massive and massively expensive 1:32 scale kit of  Lancaster heavy bomber and all clear body.