Thursday, 6 July 2017

July 2017 CANADA DAY Contest at IPMS Ottawa

These are most of the entries and show models at the 2017 sesquicentennial IPMS Ottawa annual CANADA DAY plastic model contest - CANADA THEME!

Third Place
CH-113 Labrador search and rescue helicopter with a different colour scheme on each side.

Colours represent 1971 and 1994 versions. Paints by Tamiya and Model Master.

1994 version

Second Place
(The photo did not turn out so we are missing an image of a great 1:48 scale Hasegawa kit of the MkIb Typhoon fighter - my apologies. This is a 1:48 scale Hasegawa kit if a Pulverizer II as flown by 440 Sqdn RCAF with one locomotive destroyed and two air kills. Paint by AK Interactive, Vallejo and Tamiya.)

First Place
1:32 scale Hasegawa kit of an RCAF P-40E fighter.

RCAF 111 Sqdn served in Aleutian Islands in WWII. Originally made in the USA for the RAF, but delivered to the RCAF.

My favourite model on the table this month - a beautiful 1:144 scale Welshmodels kit of the RCAF transport COSMOPOLITAN. This is a vacuform body with resin wings and white metal parts. Superb!
Paints: Krylon, Testors acrylic, Gunze and Tamiya.

In the background you can see the trailer part of an SGT tractor-trailer in 1:87 scale by Walthers. Decals are custom from Rick Decalques, and a lot of paint was necessary to cover the original plastic orange mold.


Tupolev Tu-98A, modified from a 1:72 scale Hobbycraft Avro Arrow kit.
In the mid-1950s the Soviet KGB began an intelligence operation against Canada to acquire data about the new experimental Avro Arrow CF-105 programme. Eventually the Central Committee approved a plan for the KBG to acquire and pass on raw material from agents in Canada (thought to be related to the Gerda Munsigner spy ring involving Conservative party cabinet ministers) to the Tupolev design bureau with order to produce one airframe and a set of large-scale test models. The USSR was at that time seeking ultra-fast high-altitude interceptors to protect the country from invading US bombers and spy aircraft. Code-named "Kraznaya Strela" (Red Arrow), the aircraft was formally called the Tu-98A. The project was eventually abandoned when the MiG design bureau was selected to design and produce the MiG-25 ultra-fast, high-altitude interceptor. This is all conjecture based on one document (under aircraft in photo). There is some confusion as the Tu-98A designation appears to have been used by different USSR agencies for two different (but similar) aircraft, neither of which was deployed. Paint is  Vallejo and Alclad and tamiya smoke. Decals are courtesy of the IPMS Ottawa decal bank. Model by John Clearwater.

KGB document about "Red Arrow" Tu-98A project.

Hurricane XIIa "Bouncer" in 1:72 scale by Revell, with decals by IPMS Canada.

HMCS Iroquois in 1:700 scale by Trumpeter (Tribal Class)
The water effects are done on a mirror, so you are seeing a reflections of the window frame behind the table.

HMCS Hamilton & HMCS Annapolis, in 1:400 scale by Mirage models.
These old four-stackers were converted during the war to single-stack warships.

HMCS Hamilton & HMCS Annapolis

Made -in-Canada vehicles

Bison LAV, converted from an Australian ASLAV 25, in 1:35 scale from Trumpeter.

a very very tiny 9th Provost Corps, 1st Cdn Army, Jeep in 1:72 scale by S-Model, with a completely rebuilt grill (opened up and all individual bars added). Also added foot pedals and drilled exhaust pipe, etc. Decals by Peddinghaus.)

Ferret MkI scout car as served with the Lord Strathcona Horse in Cyprus, in 1:35 scale by Parkins/Cromwell models, with additional white metal parts

Valentine training tank, made in Canada mostly for export to the USSR. Paint by Tamiya. 1:35 scale by Dragon.

Otter light recce vehicle and escort. Made in Canada (1761 bodies), shown as it appeared in Normandy in 1944. Paint by Tamiya. 1:35 scale by IBG Model.

RCAF B-18 Digby, 1:72 scale kit from Special Hobby. Note how much it looks like a DC-3. 

Daimler scout car MkII, recce and comms vehicle made in Canada. Paint, figure, weapons and objects by Tamiya. 1:35 scale by Tamiya.