Thursday, 8 February 2018

February 2018 IPMS Ottawa Contest

It was a dark and stormy night, with a large amount of snow still falling at meeting time, so the turnout was rather small. We had seven models in the ad hoc competition. Were it not for the semi-annual Swap Meet, we might not have had any people show up in that weather!


Nazi 128mm anti-aircraft artillery from Modelcollect in 1:72 scale with great photo-etch additions.


Yephima, Female Cloud Giant, from Reaper in 28mm scale, but of a giant, so about 75mm high. Tattoos and fishnet stocking painted freehand. Base is from Tropicana orange juice bottle.


Canadian built Chevrolet 30 cwt truck from Tamiya in 1:35 scale from the Long Range Desert Group in WWII


Baltic-class Hudson locomotive from Monogram in 1:87 scale (kit #1105)  as it may have appeared near the end of WWII. CP Rail had 65 of these engines. Model by John Clearwater.

The bunny suit became a black sheep suit, and the rocks are from ornamental bark (28mm scale)

Eye Beast from Reaper in 28mm scale. It has 28 eyeballs all around.

Martin Mariner from Revell in 1957 in the ever-popular 1:118 scale (box scale)


Swap meet

Swap meet

Swap meet

Swap meet

Swap meet