Thursday, 8 September 2016

"Anything British" September 2016 IPMS Ottawa Contest

These are the entries to IPMS Ottawa's annual "Anything British" contest in September 2016.
The winner was awarded the Cody Tree Trophy sponsored by our sister club IPMS Farnborough in England.

IPMS Farnborough sponsored the CODY TREE TROPHY for IPMS Ottawa's annual 'All Things British' contest. The tree is said to be the one used for engine tests where an aircraft was tied to the tree and the engine run at maximum power.
First Place, and Cody Tree Trophy winner - Wessex HAS-2 helicopter in Royal Navy colours. 1:48 scale from Italeri.

2nd Place winner - "1804 Steam Locomotive", sometimes known as the Trevithick or the Coalbrookdale Locomotive or the Pen-y-Darren Locomotive. 1:24 scale from  Airfix / Hornby  (kit #A05871),  by John Clearwater.

3rd Place winner, Wessex HU-5 helicopter in RAF colours from RAF Odiham. 1:72 scale by Italeri.

Spitfire Mk XIV C in 1:72 scale from Academy.

Churchill tank after the battle of Dieppe. 1:35 scale from Tamiya.
1971 Toyota Celica in 1:24 scale from Oashima. Does being right-hand drive qualify for the British contest?

Jet Provost in 1:72 scale from Airfix
Sea Vixen in 1:72 scale from Airfix

British 25 Pounder Gun pulled by CMP Quad Gun Tractor as Canadian 1st Infantry Division. 1:35 scale from Tamiya.

British SAS Raider 4x4 truck. 1:72 scale from Dragon

These items were on display:

ZIS truck with winter running attachments. 1:72 scale.

Large deck gun. Metal and wood model of a "32 pound long gun" 1:30 scale from Unicorn Model of China

3-D printed stretchers in 1:72 scale