Thursday, 7 June 2018

June 2018 IPMS Ottawa Contest

We had a small turnout of kits, but a large turnout of members for the Bill Wilson Memorial Model Contest. Anything built from a kit acquired from Bill or his estate was eligible. It was exactly two years to the day that we lost Bill. We remember you Bill.

Vosper 73 foot motor torpedo boat, in 1:72 scale by Airfix, without the garish green deck.

Vosper 73 foot motor torpedo boat, in 1:72 scale by Airfix.


Modelkrak 1:700 scale ship "AMUR"; a Russian naval minelayer from the Imperial period. The real ship was built in St Petersburg in 1899, and was the world's first purpose-built ocean-going minelayer. The Amur was sunk by the Japanese using shore battery howitzers at Port Arthur during the Russo-Japanese war in December 1904. It is 91 m long and has two steam engines for the two screws. The hold carried 300 mines, which are dispensed through trap doors under the stern while underway.
The model is about 13 cm long. The Russian naval ensign on the stern post is hand made. The masts and yards are made from steel rod soldered together. The rigging is real HUMAN HAIR from my wife (Thank you, Pam!). The smoke is from paint-dipped ear-cleaning buds pulled apart with tweezers. The water scene is made with two layers of gesso, with further gesso added to accentuate the bow wave and wake, etc. The gesso dries in a couple of hours and was painted gloss Tamiya gloss blue. Vallejo white was dry-brushed on for wave tips and bow wave and wake and foam. The base was a single-day project. Model by John Clearwater.


Korean People's Army Naval Force operates 20 Romeo class submarines. Seven were directly imported from China between 1973 and 1975, and the remainder locally assembled with Chinese supplied parts between 1976 and 1995. Four Chinese imported units are based on the western coast. 
In June 2014 DPRK leader Kim Jong-Un visited Submarine 748 and was noted as giving instructions to the captain about navigation and fighting the enemy.


“H.L. Hunley” was the first submarine to sink an enemy ship. It belonged to the slavocracy of the Confederate States of America. With a crew of eight it was propelled by a giant crank turned by all eight men, and bizarrely sank three times, each time killing all crew including Horace Hunley himself. It sank the steam ship Housatonic. The sub was recovered in 2000 and restored for display.