Wednesday, 7 November 2018

November 2018 IPMS Ottawa Contest

These are all of the models entered in the 07 November 2018 IPMS Ottawa ad hoc model contest. We had 44 members at the meeting; 15 models in competition; and 4 kits-in-progress on display.

Soviet Navy G-5 class Motor Torpedo Boat, from Merit Int'l in 1:35 scale.
The USSR built about 300 of these torpedo boats for use in the Baltic Sea between 1933 and 1941. Most were not used as torpedo boats.

VW Bus Van, from Monogram in 1:24 scale. This old kit was remarkably well finished and has a scratch-built roof rack.

Nazi fighter aircraft FW-190D-13

Nazi scum FW-190 aircraft under new management


"When Dogs Dream" from Airfix in 1:72 scale. Would you believe the dog is made up of 9 different parts? No? Well would you believe one part plus a dog biscuit? Model by John Clearwater.

Something else dogs dream of...

Spitfire Mk IX beer hauler, from Eduard in 1:72 scale.

USN "Arizona" WWI battleship as seen just prior to destruction in Pearl Harbour in 1941, from Hobby Boss in 1:350 scale.

Fleet 16 Finch, from Azur in 1:72 scale.

"Rommell's Rod" from Monogram in 1:24 scale

GTO, in 1:24 scale.

Merkava main battle tank of the Israeli occupation army during the second invasion of Lebanon in 2006. By Meng in 1:35 scale.

Merkava doing what the Israeli army does best - crush Palestinians

Spitfire, in 1:72 scale.

Nazi Metzer tank destroyer, from Academy in 1:35 scale.

Coal and Soul-powered combatant, in 30mm scale

The Seven Soldiers, in 30mm scale.

Double dragster hot rod, from AMT in 1:24 scale.