Thursday, 4 May 2017

May 2017 IPMS Ottawa Contest

These are just some of the many entries to the IPMS Ottawa, May 2017, monthly contest (ad hoc theme). Several models were already packed away before I could photograph the tables. I am sorry that I missed taking pictures of all of them.

First Place
Rafale B fighter aircraft in French Air Force colours, with over 200 decals, and a gold-misted canopy done with Alclad. This aircraft is the first ever entered in the IPMS contest by this member, and it was a great job and clear winner.

Second Place
USA NASA Moon landing, 1969

Third Place
WWII motorcycle


Skoda M.1917   420mm ultra-heavy howitzer, used by the new Czechoslovakian Army in 1919.
Originally built as a shore battery weapon to sink battleships, it was only used for siege duty in both world wars.

A new 1:48 scale release of the USA ultra-heavy conventional bomb in resin with 3D printed tail fins,
by Mike Belcher of BELCHER BITS
Panda Guy Mobile Suit

1:144 scale RAF Tornado based in Scotland