Thursday, 7 September 2017

September 2017 IPMS Ottawa Contest

These are the entries to the IPMS Ottawa, September 2017, monthly contest (annual IPMS Farnborough contest — "Anything British"). Members brought out a fine selection of things British built or used; civilian or military; new and old.

First Place
R.A.F. F-4 in 1:48 scale by Hasegawa, with additional Aires cockpit and afterburners.

Receiving the Cody Tree trophy for best "Anything British" 

Second place
Austin "Tilly" 10HP Light Utility Car in 1:35 scale by Tamiya, representing the inspection of Elizabeth Windsor in Surrey in March 1945.

Third Place
HMS Belfast in 1:350 scale by Trumpeter with additional PE parts and gun barrels and wooden decking. Representing the Edinburgh class cruiser, circa 1942.

Others Entries

The competition table was a bit sparse this year, but the quality and selection was wonderful.

Ordnance, DF, 75mm Mk 1, in 1:24 scale by Life-Like Hobby (#9692). Representing one fo the 895 French guns brought by the British Army from the USA at the beginning of WWII. The 75 was famous for being the first artillery piece with a hydro-pneumatic recoil mechanism, and is considered the very first modern artillery weapon.

Hawker Siddley HS121 TRIDENT airliner in British Airways colours, in 1:144 scale by Airfix.

Avro Anson Mk 1, in 1:72 scale by Airfix, representing a heavily modified Canadian Mk V in BCATP service, circa 1943.

Airspeed Oxford in 1:72 scale by AModel, showing the air ambulance purchased by the British Empire Girl Guides, with a complete interior.

Jeep in 1:35 scale by Tamiya, representing the British Army in the desert war, 1941-1943.

Vauxhall Ambulance Type D in 1:72 scale by Roden, representing the British Red Cross "Gentle Ida" B.591 (unknown unit), from the German War.

HMS Manchester in 1:700 scale by Dragon, Type 42(3) destroyer in Royal Navy colours, circa 1978-2014.

"Beau Geste" (three English brothers) in the French Foreign Legion in 54mm scale by Airfix. Finished in dollar store acrylic paints.

Flower Class Corvette in 1:350 scale representing the Royal Navy in the Battle of the Atlantic, 1939-1945.

Austin 8, in 1:72 scale by Ace Models, with additional pedals and hand brake, and new fender lights.

Non-Competition displays

Triumph GT6+ in 1:25 scale by Lindbergh.

Spartan and Sprint anti-ballistic missile missiles. These are prototypes by Belcher Bits.
The Spartan (larger) had a 5 Megtonnes warhead, wile the smaller Sprint had a 1 kilotonne warhead. There were 30 Spartans and 70 Sprints deployed in North Dakota USA from 1975 until terminated in 1976 after less than one year of operation.

Brewster Buffalo